Saturday, March 15, 2008

Perfecting the 3 Point Start for a Fast 40

The biggest mistakes that I see college players make when running the 40 at the NFL combines is during the start of the 40. The players need to understand that the start is just as important as the spirnt. A good start can be the diffrence in running a 4.4 or a 4.2 40.
A good start for a football player in the 40 is just as important as a good start for a sprinter in the 100m. In reality there is not much diffrence.

There are some very simple methods you can use to correct a bad 3 point start, adjusting a few things such as foot placement, hand placement, body movement and motion will help you drop tenths off your 40 time.

The start: The 40 is done from a 3 point stance which is with the left or right foot forward and the opposite leg back, your arm should be in a fly position (left arm extended back and in the air). Let break the start down a little more so you can learn to get a better start.

(If you are left handed then follow these directions in the opposite manner)

Stand at the starting line with both feet together, move your right foot two feet behind the left foot, than move your right foot about one step over to the right. Place your right hand down on the track with your fingers in a bridge, behind the line (you should be in a 3 point starting stance). Place your left arm in a fly postion (Left arm is bent with the wrist and hand just slightly behind your left hip) lean forward with your shoulders over the line, now your ready to sprint " Or are you" When You drive out of the start position and down the track the first movement you should make is to drive your left arm forward and drive your right arm back at the same time your right leg should be driving from it's power position to a forward motion, from there your motion should be a left right movement down the track with a opposite arm opposite leg action.

Example: when you drive the right leg forward, you should also drive the left arm forward and the right arm back.

Faults: Some athletes get so nervous when there in the start position that their first reaction is to come out of the 3 point stance driving the right leg and the right arm at the sametime or vice versa.
Correction: Remember these words and practice it when working on the start " If you are right handed your first reaction out of the start should be left arm forward right arm back.

Faults: Some athletes have a tendency to have their hips to high when they get in the 3 point start positon

1. Make sure that both the front and back leg are bent at least 45 degrees angle

2. Make sure your body weight is resting on the hand that is down on the track

3. Your shoulders should be rolled forward over the start line.

Common Faults: during the first 5-6 steps out of the 3 point stance some athletes have a tendency to zig zag down the track.

Correction:Keep foot in same placement turn right knee inside slightly when you drive out the start concentrate on running a start line.

Having an expolsive start is only part of the key to running a good 40. below are a few other things that can help you improve.



Speed Endurance


Stay fast & keep " Talken Track"


Ian said...

Great Article regarding the 3 point start

CoachL said...

Thanks Ian

Anonymous said...

Did you know that from that stance. most if not all athletes will move the up hand backwards before they can drive it forwards?

Just watch the video in slow mo.

The reason that the first action is backwards is the back leg moves backwards before it moves forward.

If the backwards movement does not occur then they are not powering out as you described.